Killer Vegan Deals at Costco (Breakfast Edition!)

Killer vegan deals at costco (breakfast edition!)

Many vegans don’t realize, but Costco is vegan heaven-on-earth! We’re talking bags of organic food the size of small children (for a fraction of the price!).. What could be better!?

Killer vegan deals at costco (breakfast edition!)

If you’ve been following along, you might have seen my post on Frugal Living Tips for the Budget Vegan. In it, I shared my story of being laid-off from a shitty serving job and how it forced me to get my budget in line.

I won’t lie and say it’s been easy, but weaning myself off of convenience foods and switching to cooking more at-home has helped exponentially! With that in mind, cooking from scratch isn’t always the cheapest (or easiest!) option.

What’s my favorite place to score amazing deals on bulk vegan food?

Costco, of course!

  • Have a membership?
  • Know someone you can bribe to take you?

This post is for you!

Killer vegan deals at costco (breakfast edition!)

Costco: The Best Kept Vegan Secret!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Nick, I don’t need a 12-pack of rotisserie chicken.. What could Costco possibly have that a vegan like myself would enjoy!?”

Well, Meredith, times are changin’! I was as shocked as you to discover Costco’s astonishingly large variety of vegan and organic food!

Here’s the deal:

Costco is a bulk supply store. Of course, the upfront cost is going to be more expensive.. Do some quick math, though, and you’ll see how much you really save!

Since there are thousands of options at Costco, this post is limited to my favorite Costco finds for vegan breakfast. Think: creamy peanut butter toast, crunchy granola, and organic strawberries (OH MY!).

Killer vegan deals at costco (breakfast edition!)

Killer vegan deals at costco (breakfast edition!)

Let’s Compare Some Vegan Costco Prices:

We scored:

  • A three-pack of Silk Almond Milk for $6.99
  • A 24-pack of Clif Bars for $19.85
  • A two-pack of Dave’s Killer Bread for $7.95
  • A three-pound bag of frozen Organic Triple Berry Blend for $7.99
  • Two, 28 oz jars of Organic Peanut Butter for $9.99
  • Nature’s Path Love Crunch Granola for $3.95 ($6.95 – $3 coupon)
  • Four pounds of Organic Strawberries for $5.99
  • A 36-pack of Organic Uncooked Tortillas for $6.99

That’s a ton of vegan breakfast food for $69.70 (plus tax).

For comparison, the same cart of groceries at our other favorite store would have cost $102.65.
That’s a difference of $32.95. 

Even if you don’t yet have a membership, it would have literally paid for itself in two of these trips.

Killer vegan deals at costco (breakfast edition!)

Killer vegan deals at costco (breakfast edition!)

Looking For Recipes to Use Up All This Vegan Costco Food? Look No Further!

Killer Vegan Deals at Costco Wholesale! Includes a price comparison of organic peanut butter, frozen berries for smoothies, granola, protein bars, strawberries, and more! Save money (and your sanity) by buying in bulk.

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