Athena, goddess of wisdom

Hey there! My name is Nick, I love long walks on the beach and occasionally binge eating 28 cookies at a time. I live with my amazing partner, Cameron, and our crazy little dingo dog, Athena. Together we enjoy going on adventures, hosting dinner parties, and frequenting local dog parks and coffee shops.

Serving all the realness you can handle

behind the scenes serving realness blogMy entire way of life changed after watching one too many undercover farm videos, forcing me to rethink almost every aspect of my life. Soon after switching to an all plant-based diet, I slowly cut out artificial ingredients, preservatives, and flavors. Eventually incorporating mindful stretching and exercise into my routine, helped transform a simple diet change into a passion for healthy living.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
– Hippocrates

We believe in a mindful approach to eating.

Serving Realness is all about showcasing our love for the art of cooking, the art of cooking with real food!  Eating organic whenever possible, abstaining from animal products, and focusing on nutrient density is key. Our goal is to show that it is possible to live a happy, healthy life (all while remembering to indulge every so often)! Eating delicious, real food. Simple as that. Read along as we chronicle our culinary adventures and feel free to send comments, questions, feedback, or requests to nick(at)servingrealness(dot)com


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