Face It: You’ll Never Be Vegan Enough

Face it: you'll never be vegan enough

Living Realness | January 19, 2018 | By

If you haven’t heard; 2018 is the year of veganism. Newspapers, magazines, and even celebrities are all jumping on the bandwagon (it’s about time!)

For instance, the Veganuary movement has had a 552% increase in sign ups compared to 2016! (23,000 in 2016 compared to 150,000 in 2018).

That’s a staggering amount of people taking the vegan challenge, and it’s fantastic!

Unfortunately, most of these people aren’t aware of the dangers of going vegan. The biggest challenge you are going to face comes from within the vegan community.

You’re not vegan enough. You gotta change ________

~ Every Vegan Ever

Now, we’re already called a “preachy” community… Why are you going to lecture those already wanting to change?

Unfortunately, a lot of it stems from feelings of superiority.


We’re Both Vegan, but I’m Still Better Than You

Now, this is unfortunately a huge problem within the vegan community. Ever since I took the plunge in 2011, I’ve been told that:

  • Driving a car isn’t vegan
  • Taking medication isn’t vegan
  • Eating non-organic produce isn’t vegan
  • Having tattoos isn’t vegan
  • Smoking cannabis isn’t vegan
  • Associating with non-vegans isn’t vegan
  • Missing an animal-rights protest isn’t vegan

Fortunately, I didn’t let negative attitudes sway me. Instead of offering education as to why some of these choices may negatively impact animals, preachy vegans start with attacks on your character.

Sure, cars aren’t vegan. Most tattoo inks have animal products, but is this a reason to put someone down?

What about people who have to take prescription medication? In the US, it’s required to be tested on animals.

Is this a reason to go without? Absolutely not.

Luckily, I stuck with my veganism and have grown exponentially from it. Unfortunately, I’ve met people so off-put by the community that they gave up.

Way to go, preachy vegans!

Instead of telling other vegans why they’re not “vegan enough”, how about we focus on people who aren’t already making positive changes? Attacking a fellow animal-lover isn’t going to help your case.

In fact, it proves to people that it’s a hate-filled, judgmental community (which, it’s totally not).

vegan enough burger

What Is Veganism Anyways?

By now, I’m sure you have an idea… But what do the experts say?

“A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment.”

~ The Vegan Society

Did you catch that?

“as far as is possible and practicable”

So, no. This doesn’t mean you have to cut your non-vegan tattoos out of your skin. You don’t have to walk barefoot, or live in a tree to be vegan. It’s all about practicability.

Is it doable to run a nudist commune where you grow certified “veganic” produce? Maybe for some (I’m totally raising my hand), but most people couldn’t live that kind of lifestyle.

What can they do, instead?

  • Cut animal products out of their food
  • Start switching to cruelty-free/vegan cosmetics
  • Begin buying natural cleaners that aren’t tested on animals
  • Start switching out non-vegan clothing items

The Takeaway?

If you’re a vegan that tells others they aren’t “vegan enough”:


There is a whole spectrum of veganism. Some are in it for the ethics, some for health, and some for the environment.

Stop pushing people out of the community because they don’t fit your idea of what a vegan should be.


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