Vegan Las Vegas: VegeNation and Violette’s Vegan

Vegan's guide to Las Vegas

If there’s one thing I love more than cooking vegan food, it would be: eating vegan food.

That’s why travelling is one of my favorite pastimes! I get bored with our limited selection of vegan food here in Arizona, it’s awesome to experience different regional takes on food!

This last road trip we took was to the fabulously vegan Las Vegas!

Eat downtown las vegas

Eat (VEGAN) Downtown Las Vegas

While in Vegas, we:

  • Saw the Joanne Tour by Lady Gaga
  • Experienced recreational marijuana & delicious vegan edibles
  • Ate way too much vegan food (is it ever too much!?)

Wondering about the best, local spots in Vegan Las Vegas? Look no further!

Violette’s Vegan

Violette's vegan las vegas

First stop on our trip was to a cute, organic, vegan Cafe called Violette’s Vegan!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me rave about Violette’s ever since our visit. I’m still having dreams about this place!

We had their:

  • Tofu Scramble
  • Pancakes
  • House-Vegan Burger
  • Coffee (DUH!)

Our favorite things? All of the food! Seriously, we all shared each-others entrees because everything was that amazing! We also loved the laid-back, hippie atmosphere. We were hungover (go figure), so the nourishing food (paired with caffeine!) helped exponentially.

Feeling overwhelmed with the crowds on the strip? A short 15 minute drive will have you feasting in paradise.

Violette's Vegan Las Vegas wall

Violette's vegan burger

Violette's vegan breakfast platter


VegeNation vegan Las Vegas

Next up on our list was a place I’ve been dying to try: VegeNation!

VegeNation Musician

This place seriously has the coolest vibes. 

First of all, they had a live performer there killing it! You know how live music usually makes you feel awkward? Not this girl, she sang her heart out and we were practically crying (with joy) over our brunch.

As if the live music wasn’t awesome enough, our food had to come and outshine her. Sorry, girl! This vegan food was just too distracting.

I’m talkin’:

  • Biscuits and Gravy,
  • Burrito Bowls,
  • Vegan (purple!) Sushi, and
  • Festive Hibiscus Tea

Vegenation Menu

Vegenation Vegan Sushi

VegeNation Hibiscus drink

Looking for More Awesome Eateries? Check out the Rest of My Travels!

Vegan Edibles Galore!

Being a “vegan stoner” visiting Sin City, you know we had to check out their newly opened recreational marijuana shops!

Other than the same boring flower, concentrates, and cartridges (😜), they also had a plethora of vegan edibles. I snagged a jar of these Strawberry Gummies and boy-oh-boy were they delicious.

Best of all, the whole container had 100mg of THC! That’s definitely enough to keep you and your friends occupied for a while.

The recreational market is still very new.. That being said, I can’t wait to see how Las Vegas steps up their vegan edible game even more!

Highly Edibles vegan gummies

Lady Gaga Presents: The Joanne World Tour

Girl, you know we had to go see our queen while in Vegas! (She’s actually the reason we took the trip to begin with!).

OMFG. All I can say is: wow.

This show marked Cameron and I’s third anniversary, so it was definitely extra special. We actually met at the Arizona Gaga show back in 2014!

Needless to say, it was an ethereal, (almost religious) experience.

We are all facing difficult times as of late, but it’s beautiful when we can come together and create positive change in the world.

I love you, baby! Happy three-years of crazy adventures, I look forward to so many more shared with you. ❤️️

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