Spring Cleaning with the Best Vegan Cleaning Supplies + Giveaway!

SPRING VEGAN CLEANING SUPPLIES. Cruelty-free, zero waste, vegan, and eco-friendly products for a beautiful sparkling home.

It’s that magical time of year again! Flowers are blooming, the kids are out of school, and your house still looks like it’s on lockdown for the winter. OH NO!

What did this season signal every year growing up?

Spring cleaning!

Unfortunately, things are a little different now that I’m an eco-conscious vegan. (No more mom telling me to hose down her silk plants!)
Most of all, no more Pine-Sol and Windex.. we need healthier alternatives that work just as well!

Vegan Cleaning Supplies to Whip the Nastiest House into Shape

First, I have a confession: I have a sick obsession with cleaning.

Okay, I said it! I love to clean That’s not quite true, but I do love a clean house! And since I’m not wealthy (or spoiled..), I don’t hire people to do it for me.

This gave me years of experiments with vegan cleaning supplies to find the absolute best. (Remember when I told you I worked in health food stores for years? That’s a lot of time to experiment with different vegan cleaning brands 😉)

That’s why I’m here today, folks! I want to help your house sparkle as much as mine does, without the nasty chemicals usually associated with deep cleaning. Furthermore, I love any product that is multi-use to help cut down on waste. I’m not a zero-waste vegan (nor do I think I’ll ever be 100%), but we can all work towards being more sustainable, right?

Image used under Fair Use. Copyright belongs to Truce

Truce: All Natural Cleaning Products with the Power of Essential Oils

If you haven’t hopped on the essential oil train, you’re missing out! Several oils (particularly peppermint) have powerful anti-viral and antiseptic properties. This makes them ideal for cleaning and disinfecting!

With that in mind, say hello to Truce; a local natural cleaning company out of Tempe, Arizona!

Truce knows how powerful essential oils are, so they blended them with:

  • Rubbing alcohol,
  • Hydrogen peroxide, and
  • Pure soap flakes

for an all-purpose cleaner that performs surprisingly well for how simple the formula is. Seriously, I dare you to try to decipher most “natural” cleaning product labels.

Concentrated Vegan Cleaning Power

Another thing I love about Truce is that their all-purpose cleaner is a concentrate! All you do is add water, shake, and ta-da! Best of all, they offer gallon-sized refill jugs, one of which has lasted us almost 2 years of continuous use! Again, we only have to use four pumps of cleaner, diluted to the top with tap water. That’s at least 12 plastic spray bottles saved, yippee!

Other Vegan Cleaning Supplies from Truce

Truce’s awesomeness doesn’t end with an all-purpose cleaner! They also create vegan and cruelty-free:

To top it all of, Truce also donates a portion of their profits to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the Lost Our Home Pet Foundation.
Read more about Truce’s values here!

Photo used under Fair Use. Copyright belongs to Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner: Magical Soaps for a Magically Clean Home

You’re not a real hippie until you’ve used the iconic Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 castile soaps!

These guys have been family soap-makers since 1858… that’s a helluva lot of time to perfect your method! I use their liquid soap mainly as a body wash, but the uses are endless.

As far as household cleaning goes, Bronner’s is great for:

  • Handwashing dishes,
  • Laundry,
  • Mopping,
  • All-purpose cleaning,
  • Windows,
  • Toilets,
  • Dog washing,
  • or even a Fruit and veggie rinse!

One bottle for all these uses? Hell yeah! Dr. Bronner’s really is an all-in-one product (which I’m all about!).

The key is dilute the soap first, as it is extremely concentrated. Here’s a quick and easy Dilution Cheat Sheet from a Bronner themselves!

Also, keep in mind that some scents perform better than others. Unscented seems to be a crowd favorite (especially if you’re using it for a food wash).

All together now:

Always Dilute Dr. Bronner’s First!

Along with their righteous liquid soaps, Dr. Bronner’s also makes fantastic:

Literally a product for every part of your morning routine!

Dr. Bronner’s also has a fantastic write-up on their core mission and values. This includes “Do Right By Customers”, “Treat Employees Like Family”, and “Treat The Earth Like Home”.

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Check out their awesome values here.

Photo used under Fair Use. Copyright belongs to Seventh Generation

The Best Widely-Available Vegan Cleaning Product

Dr. Bronner’s and Truce are both amazing companies. With those two, I have my entire house’s chores covered! Unfortunately, not everyone has access to health food stores (and might not want to order online.)

The solution? Say hello to Seventh Generation!

I should start by stating that while Seventh Generation is vegan/cruelty-free, their parent company (Unilever) is not (BOOOOOOOOOOO!).

However, since they’re owned and distributed by Unilever, Seventh Generation is available everywhere.

You can find them at:

  • Walmart,
  • Target,
  • Costco,
  • Safeway,
  • Kroger,
  • Albertsons,
  • Winco,
  • CVS,

and a whole other slew of conventional stores. Now there’s no excuse to not clean with vegan cleaning supplies!

Furthermore, even if the parent company is run by the devil himself, SG has set several sustainability goals for the company that outpace the competition.
More can be read about their path to restoration here!

In conclusion, you really have no excuse to clean with dangerous chemicals! Whether you want to go minimalist, DIY, or commercially available with your cleaners, there are plenty of options.

  • What are your favorite cleaning supplies?
  • Do you have a sick obsession with keeping your house spotless (someone make me feel normal??)

Spring Cleaning can be a daunting task for new vegans. What brands should I use? What products are full of nasty chemicals? Find all about zero-waste, eco-conscious, cruelty-free cleaning in this vegan's guide to cleaning supplies!


  1. Melissa | Vegan Huggs

    April 22, 2017 at 6:44 pm Now this is my kind of post! I love food, but I'm all about cleaning too. It's so therapeutic! Thank you for sharing these natural & vegan products. I've never heard of Truce, but I'm going to look for it. :) Reply
    • Nick Abell

      April 25, 2017 at 1:45 pm Thanks so much! Truce has been awesome for cleaning almost everything in our house! I highly recommend the gallon refill if you end up liking the product :) Reply

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