26 Healthy Vegan Holiday Dessert Recipes

vegan's guide to healthy holiday baking

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It is my absolute favorite time of year!

The weather finally feels like winter. Families and friends get together to share great memories.

Most of all?


healthy vegan holiday baking recipes

Photo by Luis Llerena

Healthy Vegan Holiday Baking for the Pickiest of People

You heard that right:
Healthy vegan baking recipes for anyone and everyone!

Your aunt that hates chocolate? Check
Your cousin that’s gluten-free? Check
Your sibling that thinks vegans eat twigs? Check
Alcohol to help you deal with it all? Check!

This is your ultimate guide to healthy vegan holiday baking! No-bake, gluten-free, raw, you name it; it’s on here!

The only thing missing?

Cholesterol, unhealthy fats, dairy, eggs, and everything else that shouldn’t be in your kitchen anyways!

1. Peppermint Mocha Date Balls from Feasting on Fruit

These vegan mocha date balls require only 5 ingredients. The only thing better than a healthy vegan dessert recipe is an easy AND healthy vegan dessert recipe! Plus, who doesn’t love peppermint and coffee!?

vegan peppermint mocha date balls

2. Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate from Joy Food Sunshine

Like I said, it just starting feeling like winter here in Arizona. You know what that means? Vegan hot chocolate all season long! This ultra-creamy recipe calls for coconut milk and cocoa powder for superb texture and flavor.

vegan hot chocolate

3. Gingerbread Brownies from Diary of an ExSloth

Just when you thought brownies couldn’t get anymore delicious! Diary of an ExSloth went and revamped the chocolate treat with a gingerbread twist! Yummy!


4. Vegan Chocolate Mint Cookies from Broke Foodies

If you can’t tell: holidays mean chocolate. Not just plain ‘ol chocolate, though! Broke Foodies has the right idea with these vegan chocolate mint cookies. Plus, you only need a handful of ingredients for these delectable treats!


5. Heart-Healthy Black Bean Brownies from Phruitful Dish

Despite these brownies being incredibly healthy, Phruitful dish is able to keep them moist (without sacrificing flavor!). Even better, you only need a handful of ingredients and a small amount of time!

vegan black bean brownies

6. Pomegranate, Roasted Peanut, Dark Chocolate Bark from Vegetarian Gastronomy

Chocolate bark is one of my favorite desserts to make during the holidays. First of all, it’s the perfect gift for vegans & non-vegans alike! Most of all, I love the versatility of ingredients! Vegetarian Gastronomy has the perfect holiday recipe featuring the best holiday flavors; pomegranate and peanuts!


7. Mini Chocolate and Raspberry Vegan Cheesecakes from Quite Good Food

Cheesecake has been a long-time holiday dessert in my family. This year, I’m turning the tables by showing them how delicious vegan cheesecake recipes can be! Quite Good Food blew me away with these layered chocolate & raspberry cheesecakes. Perfect flavor pairings, if you ask me!


8. Chocolate Olive Oil Cake with Tahini Blood Orange Coconut Cream Frosting from Spice and Sprout

I’ll admit: I’ve never made a cake with olive oil. That’s all about to change, now that I’ve found this amazing vegan cake from Spice and Sprout! I mean, just look at it! Plus, it’s refined-sugar-free! Hooray!

chocolate olive oil cake

9. Almond Joy Energy Bites from Emily Kyle Nutrition

Emily Kyle is an energy bite connoisseur! (She was even on her local news sharing her favorite vegan energy-bite recipes!) Take it from the pro, these almond joy bites are made from good-for-you-ingredients, but still taste heavenly!


10. Chocolate Raspberry No-Bake Coconut Bars from Spice and Sprout

My two favorite words: No-bake & chocolate. Woah! Is this recipe everything I’ve been dreaming of? Throw in some raspberries and you’ve got me saying: hell yeah it is!

chocolate raspberry no bake coconut bars

11. Purple Sweet Potato Pie from Pretty Pies

First of all: Holy cow. Just look at that gorgeous pie! Can’t you see it now, sitting beautifully on the holiday table? I know I can! This pie is beautiful in more than one way, though. It is beautifully clean, healthy, and easy to make!


12. Gingerbread Quinoa Coffee Cake from Strength & Sunshine

I am a huge fan of coffee cake. Anything that goes well with coffee is a friend of mine! However, this coffee cake is anything but traditional! Instead of being loaded with unhealthy sugars and fats, this healthy vegan coffee cake is made with quinoa! Your daily protein quota has never been so fun to fill!


13. Almond Cake with Cranberries from Avocado Pesto

Fear not, gluten-free-ers, this cake is made with almond flour! Yay! Even better, it features aquafaba as a binding agent, has only 6 ingredients, and is easy as hell to throw together!


14.  3-Ingredient Apple Strudel from Elephantastic Vegan

Another one of my favorite phrases? 3 ingredients. With such simple recipes boasting so much flavor, there’s no excuse to not bake this season (or ever!)!

vegan apple strudel

15. Easy Cranberry and Pistachio Studded White Chocolate Fudge from Peace Meal XO

Another holiday favorite of mine: fudge! My mom used to make the most amazing fudge every year, and I have been searching long and wide for a good vegan alternative! I may have finally found it this year, with this white chocolate fudge from Peace Meal XO!

vegan white chocolate fudge

16. Spiced Vegan Christmas Cookies with Vanilla Almond Cream from Well and Full

It’s not very often I get this excited over a cookie recipe, but look at it! These festive cookies are made with spelt flour, maple syrup, and coconut sugar!

spiced vegan christmas cookies with vanilla almond cream

17. Almond Crescent Cookies from Unconventional Baker

I’ve actually never heard of crescent cookies (or moon cookies?) before! They look absolutely delicious, though! Even better, this recipe from Unconventional Baker is gluten-free, refined-sugar free, and full of holiday flavor!


18. Lebkuchen Chocolate Granola from Seitan Is My Motor

First of all: Lebkuchen is the german version of gingerbread. Now we both know! This recipe blends the traditional flavor with chocolate to create a delicious homemade granola! Perfect DIY gift for the holiday!


19. Apple Chai Cinnamon Rolls from Love Me Feed Me

Yet another favorite vegan dessert of mine; cinnamon rolls. There’s something about the nostalgia of my mama baking a huge tray every christmas morning that gets me salivating like no other! Love Me Feed Me takes it to a whole new level by adding apple and chai spices. Holy cow I’m ready for christmas!


20. Mini Apple Pies from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

Mini apple pies. Baked inside an apple. What more can I say!? Sam from It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken does it again with this delectable recipe! I just can’t get enough of this idea! Simple, genius, and adorable!


21. Vegan Gingerbread Cookies from VegAnnie

No holiday baking extravaganza would be complete without gingerbread! VegAnnie revamps the traditional recipe using applesauce and stevia to cut back on the refined sugar! All without sacrificing that nostalgic taste or texture!

vegan gingerbread cookie recipe

22. Roasted Rosemary and Cranberry Mixed Nuts from Two City Vegans

You know those people who hate sweets? Everyone has that one aunt (or mom?) that refuses to try any of your vegan baked goods because they hate having joy in their lives. (Okay, I’m being harsh..) Now you can satisfy everyone’s snacking needs with these holiday mixed nuts!

roasted rosemary and cranberry mixed nuts

23. Healthy Chocolate Fudge from Carolyn’s Pantry

FUDGE! I love it, especially when it’s not loaded with sugar and butter! Carolyn’s Pantry does it right with maple syrup, almond butter, and sliced cranberries! Talk about festive!

vegan fudge

24. Vegan Cookie Dough Brownies from Vegan Richa

Don’t tell your family that these are made from lentils, hemp seeds, and oat flour! They’ll never know! Plus, these bites are sweetened with raw sugar (or other sugar alternative) to keep the ultra-refined-sugar to a minimum.


25. Apple cider Kentucky Sunrise from Champagne Tastes

I’m not saying that my family makes me want to drink, but it’s one of the few times I do partake. It just helps loosen the conversation, ya know!? Plus, with drinks as delicious as this, there’s no excuse!

kentucky sunrise

26. Eggnog Latte Martini from Fried Dandelions

Apparently most eggnog is drank spiked. Did I know this? Nope! Oblivious Nick thought that eggnog was always the boring spiced milk variety. Fried Dandelions kicks it up a notch with cake-flavored vodka, coffee liquor, and triple sec! Holy moly, that’s the adult Eggnog I’m looking for!

vegan eggnog martini

What do you think? Has all of this healthy vegan recipe inspiration gotten you in the holiday baking mood? I know that I for one have 26 new healthy vegan holiday recipes lined up to try 😉

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  1. Strength and Sunshine

    November 30, 2016 at 4:59 am One two three.....start baking!!! We need to make them ALL! Reply
    • Nick Abell

      November 30, 2016 at 10:39 am Hahaha I'm with you on that! It's been a bake-a-thon all month long! Reply
  2. cjm11

    December 6, 2016 at 2:54 am Thank you so much for including my fudge recipe!! I hope it's as good as your mums! All of these recipes look great! I can't wait to make some! Reply
    • Nick Abell

      December 6, 2016 at 11:07 am I can't wait to try! Although I'm pretty sure the laws of the universe state that mom's fudge is always best ;) hehe Reply
  3. [email protected]

    December 16, 2016 at 8:52 am Thank you so much for sharing, Nick! Beautiful recipes <3 Reply

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