Get to Know Me in 11 Questions (Serving Realness Liebster Award)

Serving Realness Liebster award

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I don’t know about you, but my 2017 is off to a running start!

From new life resolutions to new goals for my blog, it feels like I am forever trying to stay ahead of life.

Does it always work? Definitely not. Life happens, tragedies strike, and I am one person running this monster of a website. (Anyone wanna intern?? ūüėČ )

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the work and forget to look back at how far I’ve come. I mean, it hasn’t even been that long, but I cry every time I see my first hundred (or so) pictures.
(In my defense, I started this blog using a cellphone camera!)

Larissa from Eat Yourself Green snapped me out of the fog by awarding me a Liebster award! I couldn’t be more honored.

For anyone unfamiliar, Liebster is a German word that translates to “Dearest”. The Liebster Award is given to bloggers¬†by bloggers. It’s a very personal¬†way to shine light on blogs you love that may not be getting the recognition they deserve.

Here are the Rules:

  1. Thank and link to the blogger that nominated you
  2. Create a post on your blog (like so), displaying the Liebster Award logo
  3. Answer 11 questions as assigned by the blogger that nominated you
  4. Provide your own rules/instructions for accepting the award
  5. Nominate 5-11 new favorite bloggers for the Liebster award
  6. Choose 11 new questions for your nominees
  7. Notify the winners
  8. Post your Liebster Award blog post link in the comments of your nominator’s award post

Here are the Questions:

1. What’s the purpose behind your blog?

Serving Realness was conceived out of a need to share recipes with the world! I have always been a huge cook (thanks to my upbringing). However, I needed to find a way to share my newest vegan creations with people who want to make the transition. I’m here to help!

2. What’s on your list of Top 3 Destinations?

This is a huge question, because I haven’t been able to travel nearly as much as I’d like. If I had to narrow it down I would say:
1) Portland, Oregon
2) London, UK
3) New York City, New York

You know.. I basically want to eat my way through the best vegan cities in the world, no big deal!

3. What’s the biggest (or most important) thing you’ve learnt in your life?

As cliche as it sounds; to let go. I am a self-diagnosed perfectionist and if I don’t let things go, they eat me alive. That rude customer who¬†was pissed that this is a vegan restaurant? I end up feeling guilty about it. Why?? Who the hell knows!? I’ve had to learn to let negative emotions go. They don’t do my body or mind any good, so why keep them around?

4. Give us good advice!

In addition to¬†“letting go”, here’s another: go with the flow. Too often do I try to map my life out (even just my day!). On the other hand, life has its own plans, and sometimes they clash with yours. Don’t spend the rest of the day upset that things didn’t go your way, be able to adapt with the changes. Go with the flow. Hit that MF’n curveball life threw at you!

I once read a quote that I loved:

You have $86,400 in your account and someone stole $10 from you. Would you be upset and throw the $86,390 away in hopes of getting back at the person that took your $10? Or move on and live? Similarly, we have 86,400 seconds in each day, so don’t let someone’s negative 10 seconds ruin the rest of the 86,390.

5. Tell us your favorite food/cuisine.

Does “vegan food” count as an answer? Hahaha, no!?? If I had to pick (although, I do love all things vegan..), I would have to say Mexican food. Admittedly, it helps that my partner is 1/4 Mexican and cooks amazing Hispanic food ūüėČ
A backup answer would have been “Almond butter”.. Seriously! Morning, afternoon, and evening!

6. What culture or country inspired you the most?

It’s totally random, but I love Ancient Egyptian culture!
My mother
was raised in a military family, so she was actually fortunate enough to go to High School in Egypt! Growing up, I was fascinated by the Egyptian relics my grandparents had collected. My grandmother even taught me how to read hieroglyphics as a kid!
In other words, I was raised with an in-depth appreciation of Egyptian culture.. specifically Ancient Egyptian! ūüôā


7. What are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about helping others. For this reason, I always thought I’d go into the medical field.. In fact,¬†I have a long-line of nurses in my family! Despite that, after¬†I got older I realized that preventative medicine is the best way¬†to help. Preventing disease with diet/exercise is better than trying to help¬†once it’s too late!

8. Can you share your life philosophy?

In fact, I’ll just¬†share another quote:

“If you believe very strongly in something, stand up and fight for it.”
-Roy T. Bennett

9. Who’s your favorite travel companion?

First of all, my boyfriend would be pissed if I didn’t say him… but it’s true! He is the best at keeping me calm when the stress of traveling gets to me. We recently¬†got back from a trip to Utah, I don’t think I could have survived without him!

10. If you could change something in the world, what would it be?

It sounds ridiculous, but I would change how un-compassionate people are. Whether that refers to cruelty towards animals, or assholes not signaling on the freeway. I would love to bring some more compassion into the world.

11. What is your favorite pass-time or hobby?

EATING. *Cough* I mean… Cooking? Cooking/photography is fun and all, but what really gets me going? Eating delicious food.¬†*DROOL*

Oh god, I think overweight Nick-from-middle-school is trying to break out again.

My Nominees for the Liebster Award!

Finally, here are my nominations for the Liebster Award! Be sure to check out all these awesome blogs, they are all outstanding and well worth the award!


  • Beaming Baker:

    Demeter might not know it, but we are total soul mates. I mean, her love of chocolate and peanut butter¬†almost outdoes mine.. and I’m never outdone! Her photos are also editorial-worthy.. I’m a huge fan (if you can’t tell ūüėČ )

  • V Nutrition:

    Mary does a superb job over at V Nutrition! She is a nutrition student (yay!) and creates amazingly clean and tasty vegan recipes.

  • Vie De La Vegan:

    Kyra is a vegan recipe connoisseur, who is currently awaiting baby #4! She creates stunning recipes that are completely drool-worthy. I love her “dreamy” photography style!

  • Unconventional Baker:

    If you haven’t heard of Audrey yet, you must be living under a rock. Her recipes are everywhere! She specializes in vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, delicious dessert recipes. I spend countless hours on her site dreaming of eating everything I see. I am floored by¬†her stunning photography, as well! Every recipe looks like it’s from a fairy tale¬†ūüėć

  • Vegan Heaven:

    I have been a long-time fan of Sina’s work.. long before I was even a blogger myself! Her bright and fun photography is matched by the amazingly delicious vegan fare.

  • Two City Vegans:

    This blog is run by (you guessed it..) two city vegans! Their names are Alix and Casey and I am uber jealous of the extra help they have ūüėČ Their site is a genius way for two BFFs to share their love for cooking with the world.. ¬†in addition to being a wonderful way to stay connected!

  • It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken:

    Words cannot express how much I love Sam’s blog! IDTLC is the perfect balance of healthy, quirky, easy, and indulgent vegan recipes. I’ve made at least 15 (more like 50!) of her astonishing recipes. What more could a vegan boy want!?

  • Beautiful Ingredient:

    Kari specializes in making ingredients look beautiful! (Who would’ve guessed!?). Her minimalistic photos make me drool with excitement. Even more impressive, she sells handmade kitchen gear (potholders, napkins, dishcloths, etc.)!

Questions for my Liebster Award Nominees:

  1.  What inspired you to create your blog?
  2.  What is your favorite way to stay motivated?
  3.  Why did you go vegan (or decide to write vegan recipes)?
  4.  How do you create new content, when it seems like everything has already been done?
  5.  Who do you look up to? Who is your idol?
  6.  What was your proudest moment/achievement to date?
  7.  What advice would you give to new (or even seasoned) bloggers?
  8. ¬†If you had a time-machine, what would you say to¬†“10-year-ago” you? Any advice?
  9.  What is the biggest misconception when it comes to veganism or blogging?
  10.  What are your top 3 travel destinations?
  11. ¬†What’s your personal mantra? Philosophy of¬†life?

Now that I’ve done the whole procedure, it’s your turn nominees! Once again, congrats on receiving the Liebster Award.. you all deserve the best!

Stay Real,


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