New Brand Alert- Natural Vegan Products: Shipped Right to Your Door!

Natural Vegan Products

There you were:

Standing in Target, eyes glazed over at the endless rows of beauty brands.

“I’m sure they have vegan products here” you thought, as you picked up the 12th bottle of conditioner.

  • “Damn, they test on animals, too?”
  • “What?? Milk by-products in shampoo?”
  • “There has to be an easier way!!”

Well, ladies and gents, the time has come to introduce you all to: Natural Vegan Products.

natural vegan products coffee scrub-4

Natural Vegan Products to Rule Them All!

This all started when I was contacted by an unknown brand to test out their products.

“Sure.”, I thought as I replied. “I’m already happy with the products I use, how much better can it get?”

Boy, oh boy, was I wrong.

First, these Natural Vegan Products are so natural you can eat them

Best of all? They actually work!

I can honestly say: I have never seen such clean products on the market.

Natural vegan products soap

What Makes Natural Vegan Products so Amazing?

First, let me remind you that I worked in the health food/body care industry for 5 years.

That being said, I was completely blown away when I started researching the company. I’m not one to promote a run-of-the-mill company (I mean, this is my first brand shout-out!).

For instance, let’s run through the facts.

Natural Vegan Products have:

  • Purchased a 160 acre farm and nursery to organically grow and harvest their own ingredients
  • Become THE MOST natural and chemical-free brand on the market
  • Planned to build Canada’s largest privately owned animal sanctuary
  • Natural vegan products animal sanctuaryDeveloped over 25 products with:
    • No Chemical Ingredients
    • No Formaldehyde
    • Zero Dyes
    • Zilch Parabens
    • None of those nasty Foaming Agents
    • No Sulfates
    • Environmental Packaging
    • Natural Preservatives
    • Pure Essential Oils
    • 100% Biodegradable Ingredients

What else could we ask for!?

Natural vegan products lotion

How Can Natural Vegan Products Be So Much Better Than Store-Bought?

I’ll be honest: I was skeptical of how good Natural Vegan Products could be.

The genius lies within their monthly subscription plan. Natural vegan products All products are made fresh and shipped immediately to your home. There’s no need for preservatives because they aren’t sitting on the grocery store shelf for months!

To be completely honest, I had become oblivious to preservatives (and chemicals) in my body care products. I had been fooled into thinking it was necessary, even for a “natural” or “organic” brand.

WTF was I thinking!?

I’m too lazy to make my own natural vegan products, but that doesn’t mean I have to settle for less!

natural vegan shaving cream-2

Lastly, being straight-to-consumer, they also have full control over product design.

This means they don’t have to be worried about extra bullshit like:

  • Shelf-placement,
  • How their products stack, or
  • How the products look under fluorescent lighting

Think I’m joking? The grocery industry is a 600 billion dollar industry. They’re not joking around.

Instead, Natural Vegan Products are able to focus on switching to packaging that uses 95% less plastic. 

Who cares about how your product looks on a shelf if it uses 3 pounds of plastic?

Where Can I Find Natural Vegan Products?

Now, before you go running to find your checkbook I have to pop your bubble:

They’re not available for order.. YET!

Head over to their Kickstarter Campaign to check out their funding progress. (At the time of this post, they’re already at 150% of their funding!)

Lastly, check out Natural Vegan Products’ website to sign up for email updates (and special offers!).

It won’t be long until this awesome brand is shipping straight to your home!

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