Must-Have Tools for the Vegan Coffee Snob

Must have vegan coffee tools

Aside from good food, I am a huge proponent for good vegan coffee. Not much gets me out of bed quite like a perfect double-shot of espresso… Seriously! Best of all, I’ve saved an insane amount of money by making it at home. Plus, you don’t even have to leave the house! (Fellow introverts feelin’ me!?)

1. Good Coffee Grinder

Remember when I said normal coffee grinders are garbage?

Well, it’s true.

Don’t believe me? Go and buy a conical-burr grinder and taste for yourself!

These high-quality grinders are amazing for:

  • Making uniform grind-size (essential for espresso!)
  • Extracting the full flavor of the bean
  • Grinding coffee without adding heat (oils don’t immediately go rancid this way!)

Now, most coffee drinkers couldn’t care less. If their coffee is barely drinkable sludge, they’re fine. For the rest of us, however, let’s make our coffee taste the best it can.. Starting from the grind!

Any drawbacks?

It’s a son-of-a-bitch to clean. And if you don’t clean if often enough, the excess oils left around will go rancid and possibly blow the motor.

2. Electric Kettle

So, you have your beans ground, but now what?

Say hello to the best electric kettle on the market.

Whether you’re making:

  • Green Tea,
  • White Tea,
  • Oolong Tea,
  • French Press,
  • Black Tea,
  • Herbal Tea, or
  • Simply boiling water

there’s a button for it!

Very few vegan kitchen tools in our house get used as often as this champ!

Any drawbacks?

The kettle does not pour itself once heated. Also, there isn’t a way to brew anything within the kettle (which is okay, because that would be a nightmare to clean)

3. French Press

Next in line for our vegan kitchen tools for coffee is a french press! This is by far the easiest way to make coffee.


  1. Grind coffee beans
  2. Boil water
  3. Pour both into french press
  4. Wait 4 minutes
  5. Press down the plunger
  6. Voila!

Best of all, this french press outperforms any others on the market!

This French Press:

  • Has a micro-mesh filter for insanely smooth coffee
  • Separates the coffee from the grounds once pressed (so it doesn’t over-steep and turn bitter)
  • Is easy as hell to clean!

Any drawbacks?

It only comes in two sizes. Can I have a 5-gallon version?

4. Pour-Over Carafe

Second to my French Press (in terms of ease-of-use) is my Chemex pour-over coffee maker!

This babe is only slightly more difficult, as you have to slowly pour the hot water into the grounds (get it? Pour over?)

This is another way to make a rich, dark cup of coffee without any nasty bitterness. Plus, once it’s poured-over, you have a beautiful carafe full of coffee. I mean, it’s practically a centerpiece to my dining table!

Any drawbacks?

You have to literally stand there the whole brew cycle. Your mantra for 5 minutes is “I am the drip.”

5. Espresso Machine

Last on my must-have vegan kitchen tools for coffee is my sweet, sweet Espresso machine.

Guys, I cannot even covey the wondrous feeling of being able to roll out of bed to a fresh double-shot of espresso.

To be completely honest, it’s sometimes the only reason I do get out of bed!

In terms of ease-of-use, this is the most advanced method I use to make coffee. It took me a couple of months, but I have finally perfected the art!

Best of all, this babe has a professional steam wand for milks. Honestly, I’ve used the steam wand more than anything, even just for my teas!

This machine makes the absolute best coffee I’ve ever had. And that’s no joke!

Pair the delicious espresso with perfectly foamed almond milk and you have me begging for more.

Any drawbacks?

Pain in the knockers to learn how to properly pull espresso. Is that the machine’s fault? Nope, I’m just a slow learner 😉

Also, the tamper the machine comes with is rubbish. Throw it away and get yourself one of these: 51 mm Stainless Steel Tampers

While you’re at it, go ahead and get yourself one of these sexy Espresso Knock Boxes. There’s nothing wrong with playing barista at home!

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