Vegan Phoenix: Pomegranate Cafe – Indulgent Organic Eatery

VEGAN eats at pomegranate cafe in phoenix arizona

pomegranate cafe signIs it me, or has the Valley of the Sun has experienced an explosion of vegan growth!? It is amazing to see so many new places pop up, but it leaves the vegan Phoenix population confused;

  • What’s vegan?
  • What’s just vegetarian?
  • Is it gonna break the bank?
  • What kind of food does the restaurant serve?
  • Will my omni friends enjoy it as much as the vegans?


Vegan Phoenix: Volstead – Best Vegan Grilled Cheese in the Valley

vegan phoenix eats at volstead public house
Cameron Modeling in Downtown Mesa

Cameron Modeling in Downtown Mesa

Arizona gets more vegan-friendly every year:

I remember it being hard to find places to eat when I first took the plunge 6 years ago. Today there are more than 15 strict vegan Phoenix restaurants (plus 16 vegetarian places!). Talk about progress!


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